Tuesday, August 7

Okay, so Sandy said it better than I will.

I usually don't cut and paste from other people's blog posts (and yeah full disclosure I am an Aristocrat my own self) but Sandy Underpants said it best:

And I wanna bring up what Fairlane said in a BG comment:

What about a blogswarm against the Democrats Blue Gal to put pressure on them?

I know I've made myself unpopular among the "Liberals" for criticizing them, but are they not equally culpable?

You, me, everyone who criticizes this government can be spied upon, arrested without due process, have our assets seized without charges, etc.

This could not happen if the Dems stood up to Bush, filibustered, stalled, spoke out en masse, but they have not.

They have capitulated, and soon there will no way for us to undo what Bush and Co. have done.

The Dems joined in yesterday to help Bush pass his modified surveillance program. Why? Why, after so many abuses have already been uncovered?

There are more troops in Iraq than before the 2004 Election. The funding for the war was increased, Bush has issued more executive orders with little to no resistance, Bonzo committed perjury, Libby was set free, on and fucking on.

Do you think the average German anticipated what was to come under Hitler's reign? Do you think they knew that one day the phrase "Enemy of the State" would mean potentially everyone?

Where is the line? And once it's crossed what do we do then?

It's not like we're eating our own here. The Democrats we supported are betraying us. They are betraying the Constitution they swore to uphold. I don't have any hope for a single soul in the White House. But dammit I thought electing Democrats was a good thing and now I'm cynical and mad. Maybe the Italians have it right and the best answer is to elect prostitutes and strippers to the legislative branch...they'll feel right at home.

The latest is the British stripper/phone sex operator who was elected town councilor in Britain:

...she said her business is 'not incompatible with being an elected councillor and it's not illegal'.

I'm sorry the photo in that story looks like somebody photoshopped his sister-in-law's head over the body for spite. Just saying.


  1. Likewise, I feel betrayed as well, but I stand my my comments in Salon last night.

    I think we in the blogosophere may need to take charge and really become as powerful as Faux News fears we are. I think it's up to us to draft our own candidates who are beholden to no one.

    And I'm still not convinced that term limits wouldn't help.

    The only people I trust out on Capital Hill are people who are independently wealthy BEFORE taking office. They can't be bought and sold because they've already got it made. Otherwise, the flesh is weak .

  2. I think that the blogswarm sounds like a great idea.

    To say that the Democrats have betrayed us almost sounds like understatement at this point. It is an outrage that they caved how they did, when they did.

    I'm not sure who I feel more fury for... those who voted that way or the ones who didn't even vote. It is a disgrace.

    As for Comrade Kevin's comment before... I don't even trust the independently wealthy because the head of the Bush-pocalypse himself falls into that category. As does Mitt Romney and others who I think are duplicitous, maybe more so because of their $$$. Their flesh is weak too and their greed is great!!

  3. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Thanks for posting my question BG.

  4. I've been reading a lot of posts on this outrage, but a blogswarm might be good, especially if it's focused. (Let's not forget how vile the GOP was on this, either, but then they make less pretense of representing their constituents.) I wonder, do you think it would be better in September, aimed for when Congress returns, or now? Or both? ;-)

  5. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I feel the same pitiful disappointment. January was a time of hope. And now...just six months later...

    Maybe these "Democrats" are plants...The neocons dressed them up in progressive ideals and then sent them to Washington to screw us.

    Is there a way to kick someone out of a party?

    Damn, this sucks.


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