Friday, August 17

Busy Busy Busy

This is the first day this school year that all three kids are in school at the same time. This morning in addition to the Crooks and Liars stuff (I've got some posts going up there sometime today, including a Holy Crap which is hilarious if I do say so myself), I've got the goal of sending out ten resumes (not applying for Tony Snow's job though) and giving my house the serious Flylady treatment. I've got enough clean laundry in baskets waiting to get put away...OMG I've become my mother. Bye for now I may not blog again here today, we'll leave that as a reward for meeting goals though I'd rather have a Grand Marnier on ice. Okay maybe blog and then have a Grand Marnier on ice. It's a plan.

Oh before I forget I AM, as promised, wearing the "I obey the Geneva convention" t-shirt all day long to protest the whole Jose Padilla travesty. BTW I also love this one:

Good article at Huffpo on Padilla and the ATT thing connecting the dots but you've probably already read that.

Love on ya gotta go clean.


  1. I'm going to steal your do/done idea.

    I'd LOVE to see you in Tony Snow's job. Subvert the dominant paradigm (as only you can.)

  2. Buying one of those shirts is now on my "DO" list. Thanks for the link.

  3. Thx for stoppin' by my place and for the kudos over here!

    Found you over at HEP a while back and love your blog... looks like we're on the same wave length politically.

    I shall return!! :o)

    btw, I've added you to my blog roll, as well.


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