Tuesday, August 7

You think we've got it bad here.

There's lots of reasons I can't imagine living in the Middle East but I never really gave Israeli bureaucracy much thought until I read this post by my buddy Yossi Gurvitz, whose brand spankin' new English blog, Friends of George (Orwell) is a late addition to the blogroll:

About a week ago a smiling young girl knocked on my door. She wore a very unique shirt, showing the logos of the Katz courier company and of the Home Front Command. She wanted the gas mask, God only knows where it is. It turns out that the Home Front Command wants it back, and threatens not to issue me a replacement in case of emergency, unless I provide it with the old mask. To perform the operation, just as it privatized the sirens, it also privatized the collection of the masks.

I'll betcha Michael Chertoff is totally jealous right this minute.


  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I'd really appreciate it if Chertoff dropped by to take this huge stock of plastic and duct tape off my hands. I can't even find the damned TV remote with all that crap lying around.

    Where the hell is a Homeland Security Skeleton when you need one?

  2. if Chertoff privatized shoes what would Condi do???????

    i think i am going to live with the Mars Rovers --- it has to be better on the Red Planet --- OMG -- Red Planet --- even the rovers have drunk the Kool aid!

  3. First of all - what a great blog that is. Thanks for promoting it.

    And really- I think I am going to get a gas mask emblazoned with the letters WWCD?

    What would Chertoff do?

    Privatize, no doubt!

    Homeland security- security for the few selected evil ones in the admin and tough sh*t for the rest of us.

  4. This is wrong on so many levels. I'm not sure what bothers me more - the fact that they want the gas mask back, that its been privatized, or that they need the masks in the first place. and think, all we need is duct tape and plastic wrap.

  5. First of all, I suggest we all stop using the term "privatize" which gives you the sense that maybe some mom and pop business are taking over; it sounds so nice. What's really happening is CORPORATIZING, as more and more gets consolidated into fewer and fewer multinational corporations, who have no national allegiance and have to answer to no one.

    Hey, Distributorcap -- Are the Mars Rovers like the Irish Rovers? What do Martians drink?


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