Friday, August 31

Fun with YouTube

Here's the deal, Senator Craig. You don't have to declare that you are quote, NOT GAY. Seriously. We don't care about teh gay, we care about teh hypocrite. Lookie here. We live in a country, God bless America, where a national travel agency can make a 30 second spot like this:

Memo to Craig: If you made one of these guys a "family values" GOP Senator, would they be heading to the airport washroom?


  1. Hey, the guy on the left is a regular on my favorite soap opera ... Gays ... I mean Days of our Lives!


  2. Anonymous8:23 PM

    My landlord was roto-tilling his garden about six weeks ago and cut the cable with machine. Not that I give a rat's ass about the programs that are on the tube but I'd not seen that one yet!


  3. Dude, thirty extra minutes.

    I'm sure the guy leaving had plans to visit the restroom before his flight, how cool is that, now he doesn't have to rush.....

    I thought those guys tapping their feet were just enjoying the music on their ipods.


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