Tuesday, August 7

Boomer chic or sign of the times?

When peace sign necklaces are for sale in the airline skymall catalog, I scratch my head and wonder.

In other news, I find it highly ironic that my hit counter TOTAL from 2004 to the present now matches the number of people reading Crooks and Liars right this minute.

No need to thank me for the linky love, Amato honey.

UPDATE: Shunra got Viagra spam with the subject line: Impeach Bush! Oh man it's out there now.


  1. i'm hoping it's a sign of the times and not retro crap!

    maybe it will make people think if they see them tho.

    i can hope.

  2. I am actually thinking it is retro crap. I wish it made people think,but I just don't they do.


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