Friday, August 3

Which David do you love to hate the most? Pffft.

D-Cup at Politits asked the question (while pimping my Monday salon, thanks hon) and I almost choked on my Juicy Fruit. I can't think of a single David I know that I hate. And more specifically, I am passionate about Junior Dude, who happens to be a David.

Oh. You're talking about BRODER. Nevermind.

By the way. It is 2:03 in the morning. But we're home.


  1. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Welcome home!

    Ah, the David dilemma. Sorry that Junior Dude is even remotely touched by the ick of Broder, Brooks, Rivkin and company by sharing the name.

    I, too, am fond of Davids with several old boyfriends and a younger brother with the name.

    Oh, and The Eldest is dating a David, too.

    Eventually, that could take us into a whole new hatin' on Davids phase.

    Thanks for the link! I'm glad the Juicy Fruit incident wasn't lethal.

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I have nothing against Davids, unless they're the self-inflating type.

    Welcome home, BG.

  3. Nah D-Cup. Juicy Fruit always gives me strength.

    David means "beautiful one." I like that for my son.

    And I actually like my brothers in law, too, but neither of them is a David.

  4. Welcome home.

    My father's name is David, but I'm not.going.there.

    I'm reminded of that Kids in the Hall Sketch: *sings* "These are the Daves I know, I know, these are the Daves, I know.

    Some of them are Davids, but most of us are Daves, they have their own hands, but they come from different Mums."

    Check it out on YouTube if you feel so inclined.


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