Tuesday, August 7

Damn right we need to watch this again.

OR you could go Tivo "Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge" with Vanilla Ice and Leif Garrett.

Some youtube genius put a Fox News scroller at the bottom of part of this, as if we needed it.


  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I forgot how powerful that scene was/is. Prescient as well.

  2. I brought Network along to a movie night a few months ago, and everybody picked it to watch. I hadn't seen it in a while. Like Fairlane said, powerful and timely. Thanks.

  3. I'm mad as hell ... and I'm not going to take it anymore!

    oh ... it's just me ...


  4. Thank you, BG. I'd forgotten.

    And this rediscovery doubles as the solution to finding a unique audition monologue. mmm...serendipity...


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