Sunday, October 31

And this is why we can't have nice things.

One cannot be "civil" to those who refute proven facts, like 'Obama is a US Citizen' or 'there are no death panels.' One can ignore them, but if they attempt to control our discourse and elections, calling them out, loudly and with a verbal punch, is the only alternative.


  1. When provoking a response that will then be twisted into self-serving red meat for the mindless minions, isn't the best approach to just ignore? They will continue to use their 50K watt blowtorches to vilify you and me, but they will ONLY reach their statistically insignificant congregation.

    Why continue to give them your spotlight too?

  2. Yes BGirl without question you are correct. Other certainly can chose their own way to deal with these people.

    For me though it's like you. Be nice to these simpleton fucktards that say mathematics is flawed as well as science so it's then very easy to open the door on creationism or what ever the topic of "I'm not going to believe no matter what" crowd.

    The whore media blows these slugs who say this shit all along the way.

    Civil my ass-i either ignore or throw out an insult that can't be argued and be on my way.

    I don't give a shit who the hell you are and that includes the few relatives I've got left.

    You make the imbecile choice to believe what is proven to be wrong why then go fuck yourself cuz this guy don't want nothing to do with you except to use you as an object for derision.

  3. Anonymous11:03 AM

    "Why continue to give them your spotlight too?"

    Hmm...good question.
    For that matter, why bother to put potentially-serious health problems "in the spotlight", by periodically having a physical, or (if you're a woman) getting mammograms?

    Maybe it's because ignoring problems --- instead of trying to solve them -- is an extremely bad idea?

    Likewise, "ignoring" the crazy, half-literates and their crazy-ass policy reccomendations (repealing the 14th amendment, destroying any/every remaining "social safety-net" except for the for-profit corporation etc.) is an extremely bad idea?

    As Sinclair Lewis aptly said, if Fascism ever came to America, it would be "wrapped in the flag, and carrying a cross".
    Pretty much matches the Teabaggers spot-on, hmm?

    Or haven't you been bothering to pay attention to them and their "statistically insignificant congregation?"

  4. BG-tell me that my comment was lost in cyber space and not because you refused to post it when it was in complete agreement with this post. I can not believe there was anything there that would have offended so badly that you felt the need to censure. Tell me!

  5. 'Verbal'...? I'd rather give them something to really cry about. I suppose that makes me a bad role model as far as bloggers go. Ah, well.


  6. WADR Chairman

    There is a difference between ignoring and staying on message.
    The playbook, in case you hadn't noticed, is to pump out a constant stream of wingnut chum to drown out any chance of a consistent message.

    It's a noise machine devoid of purpose save to distract the marks.

    Pissing away a majority over pissant bullshit may go down as the dumbest political strategy ever.

  7. Anonymous7:37 PM

    If you meant to say, Blue Gal, that we ought to stop searching for "middle ground" with people who are dead wrong, lie like rugs and are too dumb to recognize reality when they see it, I'm in total agreement.

    And whatever happened to that perfectly good word, "lie?" The American people (or the majority of them, who listen to Corporate Radio and watch Fox News) aren't being told "untruths" or given "disinformation" - they're being LIED TO. And it's time we stand up and call "Bullshit!" every time we hear it.

    The take-away message here is that being "nice" or "polite" gets you SERVED.

    And I, for one, have had ENOUGH!


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