Tuesday, October 19

Have we reached bottom on stupid candidates yet?

When Sharron Angle tells Hispanic young people that some of them look Asian to her....and O'Donnell doesn't realize separation of church and state is actually IN the Constitution...

...seriously, this is when liberals find our patriotism challenging.

Oh but that isn't CENTRIST, BIPARTISAN, is it?

Okay, let's broaden this to include everybody:  All I ask of ANY candidate in any party anywhere, is that if they are being a


the two above examples setting the bar, will they please stop.  That is all.

Good enough for ya, Chuck Todd?  Okay fuckity bye.


  1. Hows the gang over at C+L doing.

    Still givin' them wingnuts hell?

  2. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Aw c'mon, 'Gal - tell us what you really think!


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