Sunday, October 17

The coolest movie you will see this week.

The moral of the story: Knitting can save your life. :)

h/t kicking-k on Ravelry.


  1. I'm a new reader/listener and also a knitter. Do you knit also?

    Love the blog and the podcast!

    And knitting saves my life (by saving my sanity) every day.

  2. Thanks sopranospinner yes people who know me would say I knit.


    The only thing scattered around my house more than kid clutter is yarn in progress. I have two unwound skeins sitting on my dining room table just so I can THINK about them.

    So yeah.

    BTW I love your avatar and I'm Bluegal on ravelry.

  3. I love this!!! May I steal it for my Elderblogger buddies? It's pure genius!!!!!

    And I wish I could still knit!!! I have a disability that affects (severely) my left arm and hand and lack the proper mobility to knit. Fortunately, I can still do counted cross stitch and needlepoint so at least I have something to maintain what vaguely passes sanity. :)

  4. Geeky automation engineering! Precision X-Y tables! Optics! Santa Claus machines!!1!

    And knitting, too. Gosh, thanks BG. I thought about dear Dot quite a bit on a very busy, very boring day at work.

  5. Cool video, very imaginative!

    This makes me think of a post of mine over at my blog, Mister Tristan, on how "ravel" and "unravel" mean exactly the same thing. Go figure.



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