Tuesday, October 26

I love you, Vanity Fair, but "you suck at Photoshop"

I don't pretend to be great at Photoshop. But I can do better than this. Who is this "Hamish" photoshopper guy, anyway? Is he 20? Did he get paid for that? Not one filter or hue adjustment on the whole portfolio?

Here. Just in my spare time. Not my best work, but....

And it actually looks like it could be Al Franken's body, if he worked out.   Remember Hamish, panties, even man panties, are only really funny if no one is wearing them.  Filters are your friend.  And if all else fails, desaturate.

Finally about the crotch bulges you used with the McCain and Boehner photos: the ick factor laugh is one of embarrassment, not delight.


  1. There's agitprop...and then there's agitcrap.


  2. If Al Franken looked like that, He would be perfect for the next Superman Movie. Vanity fair should have 'shopped Beck's face onto a baby body.

  3. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Crappy 'shops, perhaps, but in each case doubtless an improvement over the sad reality...

  4. If someone at VF gets off on imagining Glenn Beck with a bubblebutt, that is really depressing. And a little creepy.




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