Monday, October 11

Pammy as the Soup Nazi (photoshop)

No soup for you!  All that publicity she bought to fight Park 51 is now being bought to boycott Campbell's for launching a line of Halal soup, because, you know, terror.


  1. terrorism in a can, how convenient. I'm holding out for freeze-dried terror, pocket size. just add water and up to five white Christianists meet their maker. mmm mmm good.

  2. Balloon Juice wrote about this last week, and I still need to cover it - along with that dumb "You can't do yoga and be Christian" guy. While I'm not an expert on Islamic law, I have cooked halal meals for Muslim dinner guests. Pretty much everything that's truly vegetarian is halal, and you can get chicken (for example) from a halal market, which aren't that hard to find in a large city.

    I also must protest that a bigoted, paranoid right-winger is using the pseudonym "Scaramouche." Have you no sense of decency, sir? Or history? Or humor?

  3. Islam is the 21st century version of "the Communists" in the 50's.

    So does this mean Sarah Palin won;t be serving up a side dish of Cream of Jihad to the kids?

    This is on the level of Freedom Fries, and dumping perfectly good wine, because it was French wine, even after it had already been paid for.

    This is all that fear crapola they served up post 9-11. The folks who have their panties in a knot, probably think the Patriot act was a good idea. Of the ilk that " we must give up freedoms to protect our freedom".

    The Tea party would rather we lap up some beefy deregulation broth, with burnt house smoke flavor.

  4. I love it when the corporations these rightists worship turn around and market to the Muslims. The right's "free markets" drivel goes right out the window.


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