Wednesday, October 27

The Gerbil doth protest!

Yeah, I'd like to try bringing home summa that Kimberly-Clark tube-free toilet paper.

The word from our gerbil, Jessica Awesome, is that if I 'go green' and deny her the toilet paper rolls, she'll make those French strikers look like a Girl Scout parade.

Update:  our household breathes a sigh of relief that the tubeless product is being test-marketed at that megastore where mommy refuses to shop.  Always.


  1. I have a beagle that would second that emotion!

  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Smart Mommy.

  3. They've done large rolls of tubeless TP for office building restrooms (and no doubt other commercial spaces) for several years now. Back in 2008, the management company for my employer's leased buildings did a fair amount of bragging about going green and how many trees the lack of tubes was going to save.

  4. If you're a good parent, you'll clean and sterilize the spring-loaded roller after every roll.


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