Friday, October 29

Grab your backpack, Meg Whitman.

heartless meg and dora

Meg Whitman says her former maid of nine years should be deported.

I'm sorry to hint at depicting Meg Whitman as a cow, but Dora's Benny IS a cow, and you use whatcha got.  And really, Dora's "C" word for Meg made the monkey blush.


  1. How's old Mega Meggy doing haven't had time to watch the California Selections.

  2. EMeg is treating her former maid even worse than she treated EBay customers.

  3. Anonymous7:18 PM

    So typical of people of her mindset and situation - use The Little People either 'till they're squeezed dry or until they become a liability, then throw them under the buss to facilitate your getaway.

    She reeks of the Corporate World.

  4. Typcial former CEO current and past sociopathic piece of shit. We really have to isolate these monsters. AFter all, they want to enslave or kill us, we need to start acceting that and protecting ourselves.


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