Friday, October 29

The Friday Podcast - and Happy Birthday Driftglass!

This week we also say a happy birthday to dear Driftglass. xoxo

FYI the Esquire Balanced Budget project report is here.

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  1. The Republican Party has become of the party of white supremacy. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  2. FYI the Esquire Balanced Budget project report is

    Achieved heavily on the backs of the working poor. Switch, shift and shaft. Work longer, harder for less. Pay more as you go with no assurances that concessions now will change the future.

    Freedom's just another word for BOHICA?

    $1 a gallon tax on gas = $130 Billion with ZERO investment in sane mass transit, sustainable cities...

    Nothing about, on or FOR education?

    Presto change-o. Or is that change=zero

    It's still spend now, pay later without accounting for the federal pension time-bomb.

    To return sanity and equity to "value and worth" we must raise the marginal rate for any income over $1 million a year back to near- confiscatory levels.

    "Making do" on a million a year?
    Oh the horror!
    Make the tax code a straight, narrow progressive process. As you make more, you have more to lose so it costs more to protect.

    And FYI, the class of `46, the first of the so called Baby-boomers, will turn 65 in 2011.
    So far only a tiny percentage of boomers have retired. So how is it that boomers are to blame for the solvency problems?

    How is blaming them any different than blaming DFHs, liberals or other conjured boogeymen?


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