Saturday, October 16

Bill Maher / Dana Loesch lolcat

(click image for larger) Heather at Crooks and Liars wonders why Bill Maher gives teabagger lady Dana Loesch a platform on his show. I think he enjoys watching crazy women as an odd revenge for every time he was rejected by a girl in high school.

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  1. Agreeance, BG.

    While I often chuckle at Maher's bon mots - stating the painfully obvious with tongue in cheek, as it were - his agenda does seem that of a smart nerd kid who got shot down the night of the prom and just about every other time compliant teen companionship was sought, and who is now looking for maximal adult payback from a position of relative power.
    That said, he's preferable to Chris Matthews (who never found a pair of ancient panties unworthy of deep sniffing and prolonged breezy post-sniff discussion).

    Disclosure: his (Maher's) art department ripped off aspects of one of my old creations for Religulous, IMO...And this former nerd kid may have his own vengeful tongue-in-cheek axe to grind with.



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