Tuesday, October 12

No, really. It's okay if you're a Republican.

 Still in the US Senate; running for re-election.
Still in the United States Senate.

 Still in the Governor's Mansion

Featured speaker at 2010 Values Voters Summit


  1. But they're still dickheads!

  2. Lying isn't Lying when you are bathed in the blood of christ. Also since R. Limpaugh is their patron saint they appear a bit more up right then they are known for...

  3. Shouldn't those red things be flacid or are you assuming that Viagra or Cialis were involved?

  4. I always thought these humanoids' noses were smaller...and much, much limper.


  5. It should be a BG rule to NEVER post a picture of Newt and Glory Hole #3* without chopping in your "inaugural" version of #3*.

    #3 being the legal, married number, not counting the disposables with opposables he's rented or ridden over the years.


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