Monday, April 10

In local news...

Alabama, Birmingham, in the news:

Loretta Nall won the nomination for Governor from the state Libertarian Party. Congratulations, girlfriend! I don't agree with Loretta on every issue but she opposes this war and all the expanded power bs that Bushco claims as their own. And as for this right wing so-called "Christian" infested state, this gal is gonna shake. things. up. And Blue Gal is all for that.

Lil' old Birmingham has its first gay film festival this month. Talk about shaking things up. But hey, Baptists don't acknowledge each other at the liquor store, and every Netflix subscriber in town has taken advantage of that plain red envelope to see Brokeback so no one would know. How convenient that the local Sunday rag published a list of the films showing so locals could add them to their queue after church!

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  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Okay, I'm takin' th'button, QuarterMistress... I frickin' love it!

  2. All I have is yours, my Capitain!

  3. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Check out yer new promotion, QuarterMistress Mine!


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