Wednesday, September 15

Add it all together you've got Teabircher!

Dick Armey plus The Flying Nun equals Christine O'Donnell.

And yeah, NIXON is rolling over in his grave.

Update.  There is something so very wrong here. 

No.  I'm not going to photoshop it.  But I saved it!  You betcha!  


  1. The new right is all about imagery ain't it. Teabagging's poster child with a pearl necklace and oral orifice?



    seems an appropriate caption...

  2. Some Photoshop brahmin needs to put a ball gag in that gob.

  3. TBogg's had a field day with that one... and Wonkette should use your "Virgin" poster.

  4. I have started, restarted, and re-restarted to PHOTOSHOP this exact image. I can't find the perfect "model" or.. heheh... models to use to put Ms. O'Donnell into a carefully constructed N-Way "event".
    I know. It should be a soft pitch over the center of the plate. But it is a great seed image, and requires great seed.. or something like that.


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