Tuesday, September 7

Lil' Ricky has a lil' problemo

Via @DavidCornDC, we find out that if Rick Santorum is going to run for President, he'll have to deal with the fact that Google thinks his name, as coined by Dan Savage and "spread" everywhere, means "sperm plus poop plus lubricant".  Unless you're Nancy Elliott, R-NH, who simplified the recipe when she argued against same-gender marriage:

This video is not safe for work, because Nancy is SUCH a smut mouth.

PS Along the same lines, don't miss the lovely Zina Saunders's lovely work related to Ricky's problem.

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  1. Why is it that these folks who claim not to like the homosexuals and whatnot are absolutely fascinated with the mechanics of it all? Hmmmmmm?


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