Tuesday, September 28

It seems the Senate has gone comPLETEly irrelevant, I mus' say!

And give me a break!  The only reason Jim DeMint is shutting down the US Senate is so he can beat Sarah Palin and Mike Pence in Iowa, I mus' say!   Thanks for letting him, 60 seat majority.

Waiting for the next headline:  "Liberal Base to Biden:  Stop Talking."  It could happen!

Ed Grimley always cheers me up:


  1. In South Carolina, they would say 'irrevelant'.

  2. Good afternoon, Blue Gal.

    Wait, now you're quoting Imus? :)

  3. Anonymous4:52 AM

    I hope Martin Short is proud of himself - he just wet a perfectly good pair of my pants.

  4. Am new to your blog - am glad I found it! Awesomesauce stuff in here!! Adding you to my blogroll. Keep up the terrific writing. :)

  5. Last year I wrote the Congress was being turned into the Sejm and Jim DeMint has succeeded.

    In the novel Poland, Michener describes how the "incredible liberum veto, by which one man in a Seym (parliament) of hundreds could negate and prorogue the entire work of the Seym by merely crying 'I oppose!' was a major cause of Poland's disappearance from the map of Europe".


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