Thursday, September 30

A prayer (and a request) for today

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I am reading this prayer in tomorrow's podcast, and it's completely on topic, with the totally-serious caveat that here at Blue Gal, we believe that God loves atheists best.

I'm holding a fundraiser, asking my readers to give five bucks, either to the podcast or to me. I'm so grateful for your (please keep it modest in these tough times) support of my writing and broadcasting. Your small contribution makes it possible for me to keep toner in my printer and occasionally say yes to a treat for the kids. Thank you.


  1. That is such a fine prayer, indeed it is. I will say that I do take issue with who God loves best... but only because I believe that God does something that we as humans can't seem to master; God loves equally.

    Imagine that - everyone on equal footing! If only, if only. We need not look far on the internets, TV or wherever to see signs of the contrary in our very real lives. Sad.

    You make the world a better place and I am happy to contribute what tiny bit I can to keep the light shining here! I may not comment much, but I read in the reader and I send you all my best always.

  2. Threw you some green love. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Man. Nicely worded.

    I have to say, having just read posts/threads at Edroso's and S,N! about conservatives mocking poor Tyler Clementi (the Rutgers student who committed suicide), I am not at all in a forgiving mood (even if forgiveness was more the theme of one of your earlier religious posts). Passive evil is one thing, but to actively mock someone's suicide and then go out of your way to taunt and troll on other sites – gah. (Is there a Franciscan curse to go with that blessing?)

    And as loathsome as they are, I have to remember they're small fry. At some point, some smidgen of earthly justice/karma would be nice, huh?

    But the best revenge is good works, isn't it? Whether that's some cause, or project, or art, or some simple kindness or connection. And there is providence in the compassion of a misanthrope.

  4. Anonymous7:53 AM

    heh - an activists prayer. Nice. The Franciscans certainly had their bases covered.

    A long time ago in a land far far away, I was once Catholic (like you can ever really be anything else after Confirmation). Of all the Orders, The Franciscans appealed to me the most... with the possible exception of the Jesuits (god help me).

    Nowadays, I am very much a "non-believer". Still, it is a comfort to know there are those out there praying for our lost and sinful souls... we, all of us, can use all the help we can get...

    In the end BG, it doesn't really matter what or how another "believes", the idea that it means enough to you to offer kindness to them through prayer is what's important. It seems to be in short supply in the World these days.

    You are a good egg.

  5. Great prayer, Blue Gal. I wish Republicans could be the recipients of some of these blessings.


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