Tuesday, September 7

Shock. Mayor Daley not running for re-election?

The story is still sketchy, and I'm sure

certain Chicago bloggers 

will have more to say soon. now.  All I have to say is that when you're Daley, there are no personal reasons.   Dis guy has forever been "La ville, c'est moi."  if ya know what I mean.

Oh well.


  1. When does the indictment get handed down? that was my first thought.

  2. I grew up in Chicago when for all my life, Richard J. Daley was mayor. I was oblivious to the riots by the Yippies "Festival of Life" 1968 Democratic Convention riots in the downtown streets of Chicago. The Daley elder did not like all the attention going to these people questioning authority. That resulted in the Chicago 7 trials, where Abbie Hoffman & Bobby Seale were accused of inciting riots.
    Mayor Daleys attempt to handle the protesters with an iron fist, backfired big time.
    Daley's son who has been at the helm of the Chicago Mayor position for more than 20 years, is now throwing in the towel.
    20 years is a long time already.
    But Rahm Emanuel as mayor of Chi town?
    Just ain't right.


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