Wednesday, September 1

Hopefully, by now, you've all seen the upgrade over at Crooks and Liars.

It looks really nice. So proud to be a part of that great blog.


  1. Yes I have seen the upgrade at C&L Kinda like Upgrading to Vista from XP. I will be reading your blog more and C&L less. I made a joke just before the upgrade that John was going to make it a celebrity tabloid like Huffpo: Unreadable and Irrelevant. Well I got the Unreadable part right. The upgrade a C&L is terrible it's unfriendly & ugly with a horrible color scheme,header, (Logo is lame-o) and almost unreadable now. It's becoming more magazine (rag) like and less blog like. I don't visit it much anymore. I hope he did not pay a web designer to destroy his site. Just my personal opinion, the old C&L format rocked the new one sucks, looks like a News Corporation publication. I don't have the heart to post this at C&l, it's like and old friend who sold out or died. Just another crappy newspaper. Rant over and out.

  2. OK shorter. The upgrade at C&L make's your blog better than Johns. And way more fun to read.


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