Wednesday, September 29

What Joe Biden thinks of me is none of my business.

or, as Aspie blogger Atrios (God love him) put it...

If Joe Biden thinks it's time for us liberal bloggers to say to their readers, 'go out and vote for the Democrat of your choice but for God's sake defeat the tea party crazees.'...

Dear Readers of Blue Gal, go out and vote for the Democrat of your choice but for God's sake defeat the tea party crazees.


And now I'll go off and criticize the President for saying it's okay to execute a US citizen without a trial. That he's not doing enough regarding gay rights. And that the Democratic Congress is wimpy, and Senate rules have made that chamber a complete joke.


I am not obsessed with "making a difference in Washington." My job as a blogger is simply to write the truth as I see it, back it up, fight the good fight, and not get distracted by personalities and artificial drama.

I'm amused that any White House official is obsessed with whether their base appreciates them enough. That's a sign that they know they haven't lived up to their own principles. (pssst. There's still time.)

I'm disappointed that so many bloggers have taken the bait. That's a sign that they don't know their own influence and strength. (pssst. There's still time.)

I've been agitated by our very own noise machine, and discouraged and depressed by the current economic depression. Then I tell myself, with optimism that often is my only true friend, that this too shall pass. You know how I know that? Because change is the only constant, folks. Keep the faith.


  1. Curse you, BG! I was going to vote for the Silly Party, but now – since I must do everything you say – I must vote for the Democrats!!! GaaaaaAAAAAAaaaHHH!

    Great Orange Satan himself, Kos, was out here for Drinking Liberally last week, and said much the same thing, actually. He pointed out his influence was pretty small, and it's not the lack of cheerleading from liberals that has people discouraged. It's the reality. They know about the job situation and everything else. I'd add that it seems the Dem leadership is buying a bit into the Tinkerbell thinking that right-wingers believed on Iraq (and still believe on, well, almost everything). And as DG recently noted, it ain't the liberals who need a kick in the ass. The decision not to schedule an immediate vote for middle-class tax cuts is unconscionable (epic political fail, too).

    I'll pass on two pieces: "Advise and Dissent" by DDay and the "Are You a Real Progressive?" quiz from Rumproast.

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Some are just too pissed to accept sass from their elected officials with a smile. Especially nowadays, with so many hurting and in trouble.

    But don't sweat it BlueGal... the "hotheads" will show...

    I saw the correct motivational sentiment for them boiled down to a meme that will fit on a tee shirt.. one that makes the point, validates their disappointment and anger, lets them stay true to their Liberal convictions, but still allows them to fulfill their obligation to the Polity...

    "Fuck Obama, VOTE ANYWAY!"

    I understand and appreciate your take, just please know that if some weren't so loud with the Dems, others would have to be. Everyone has their part to play... and hotheads need love too... maybe moreso...

    I Luv ya BG, but some of us just ain't built to stay "above the fray". It is just too boring...


  3. Three cheers, BG, and very well said, but you realize this leaves us nothing to podcast about. Curse you Barack Obama!

  4. DG, I wouldn't worry. It's not like any of your listeners are also readers. That would be elitist.

  5. The part about change is certainly true; one day it's feeling this way politically, the next day it's feeling the other way... And so go our emotions. These are volatile times and most of us know people who are hurting economically or living in fear of being hurt.
    I would never sit out an election: no matter how dissatisfied I am with the state of affairs now, things can always get worse. And we're all pulling in the other direction. For a long time, my motto has been "one foot in front of the other"; sometimes it's all we can do, but at least it's movement.


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