Wednesday, September 1

So Obama forgives Bush?

That's damn Christian of him.   Oops.

And not to agree with the whole of his speech, but he is a better speaker than Beck n' Boehner combined.   'Specially Boehner.


  1. how'd he move the oval office to the deck of an aircraft carrier?

  2. Goody for him - I guess they'll let Preznit Franklin into the he-man democracy hater club's secret tree fort now.

    And how about that madcap Tony Blair describing Bush as a man with 'immense simplicity in how he saw the world.' - poodleicious, eh what!


  3. Turn the page?

    Fuck no! I prefer to turn the key-- as in locking the jail cell.
    Bush did not just get away with murder-- but mass murder.

    1,366,350 Iraqi deaths
    4417 US Soldiers killed.

    That's too much damned blood to wash off his hands, don't cha think??

    Ain't that somethin' though? George & Dick got their wars on, then moved on to their retirement mansions, living behind secured gates with Security we pay for?

    What the hell kind of nation are we to shrug & let this bastard get away with murder?

  4. I think it is sad that us liberals have little to console us from Obama other than the fact that he is a more articulate spokesperson for policies we oppose.


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