Wednesday, September 15

I love @Wonkette to pieces, BUT.....

I love Wonkette.  Ken Layne is wonderful.   But Ken honey, if you're going to do a post on why you did a photoshop of Christine O'Donnell, you need to do more than post her head on the poster and call it a day.

I say this with love.    Give her a modest bustline, watch the neck length (she's not Audrey Hepburn) and modify the lighting.

And Wonkette, I'd be happy to be your artist-in-residence for a price.

PS. I don't think whether this candidate is a virgin or not is an issue. Her attempt to convert others, particularly gays, to her bigoted patriarchal vision of sexuality, IS.


  1. Never too mean to give a helpful hint to an up-and-comer. Blessings.


  2. it's zero about sex and all about control.

  3. I love Blue Gal. Fran is wonderful. But Fran honey, if you're going to do a chop of Christine O'Donnell, you need to do more than just show us a little head and call it a day.

    I say this with love. Lusty, filthy love. Show us her hands— hairy palms and all— touching herself. Wherever. Turn the lights down a little. We're looking for lust; not dust.

    And Wonkette, there's thirty or forty of us that'd be happy to be your artists in residence for a price.
    (Including that dark black guy. ;›)

  4. Yours is better. That said, how likely is it that Christine doesn't have some skeleton in her closet? I hope someone steps forward soon and there's some nasty fetish involved. Not because I'm concerned that she will win in November. I just want to see the shocked faces.

  5. O'Donnell, in her own words

    over at the Great Orange Satan

    "NIES: You're going to stop the whole country from having sex?"

    "O'DONNELL: Yes."

  6. Her sister's gay, right?

    Just read it somewhere.


  7. Blessed are the clean of heart for they shall receive 16.7% of registered Republicans in DE. But check out the totals on the Dem side which are very low.

    Any chance Castle pulls a Lieberman and runs as an independent?

  8. The Mama Grizzlies "Tainted Love" tour rolls on to November. What else can they sell?


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