Friday, September 24

What Stephen Colbert did today.... sit with Bobby Kennedy and Cesar Chavez and make people aware of just how much cheap lettuce costs all of us.

In drag.

And Michelle Malkin and Chuck Todd and all the right wing panties twisters and inside the beltway propriety fetishists can kiss his ass. How many people watched this guerrilla theater on CSpan-effing-3 this morning and heard about the United Farm Workers? And if it's such a crucial hearing, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D of Texas), how 'bout getting off your fatass Blackberry texting while the testimony is going on? Everybody saw that shit.

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  1. I thought she was taking pictures with her phone. But, regardless of what she was doing, Colbert's performance was classic. Steve King's head would have exploded, had there been anything in it.


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