Tuesday, September 7

Arianna Huffington, Mary Matalin Together at Last on the Radio

Click image for larger, original painting and background info, worth the click, here.

As a rule, I don't take the name of my Christian wayshower in vain.

But Jesu Christi.

Not satisfied to armpit fuck Newt Gingrich, Arianna Huffington now co-stars with Mary Matalin on, um, Progressive? Radio?

THE Mary Matalin?  The Mary Matalin who lies professionally for Dick Cheney, endorsed slapping female employees in political campaigns, and whose "imprint" at Simon and Schuster is responsible for

Karl Rove's memoir
Pam Geller's "book"
"Young Guns" (yeah)
and let's not forget....

I don't deny anyone the right to make a living.  But Arianna Huffington is not making a living sharing a platform with this POS.  Arianna at some point was supposed to be a progressive, and now we see that's bullshit.  NO progressive would enable Mary Matalin to come back week after week and just make stuff up, which is what Mary Matalin does.  Lady McCheney? It takes a really big liar to get Don Imus to wonder ALOUD if you have some sort of lying disease.

I don't expect or ask anything of Matalin.  She's beyond help.

But clearly, Arianna doesn't need the money, she needs the attention and celebrity hobnobbing.  It's a disgusting stripping of the illusion that you were EVER one of us, Ms. Huffpo.


  1. Excellent photoshops. Love them both.

  2. Oh thank you. Princess Ariana is so so very not any sort of a Liberal, and never has been. She is a relentless self-promoter with no agenda other than Brand Ariana, Tina Brown with a slightly less annoying accent.

    Great artwork.

  3. Arianna's actually used to be decent on Left, Right and Center and still can be occasionally, but Robert Scheer is there to kick ass all the time and keep the other three honest. Mary Matalin long ago descended to pure evil. Has she made a single appearance in the past 5-10 years where she hasn't lied?

  4. Arianna's always had the whiff of an opportunist to me.


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