Wednesday, October 1

And the question is...

What has more integrity than Tom Brokaw, more sound judgment than Richard Viguerie, and more class, intelligence, and eloquence than Sarah Palin?

Answer: Gwen Ifill's little finger.


  1. Bwaa-ha-ha-haaa!

    So true.

    The right-wing outrage over Ms. Ifill's book is ridiculous, of course. But I think some observers are missing the point.

    If conservatives are good at nothing else (and they are good at nothing else), they are masters of the hissy fit. Phony outrage is the favorite political tactic of the conservative movement. There is always something to be upset about, and if there is nothing, they will make something up.

    As inept as some of the McCain campaign's decisions have been, I find it hard to believe that they did not know about Ifill's upcoming book.

    Rather, I would not be surprised if they agreed to having her moderate the debate precisely because of the book. What better hook to use for working the refs in the leadup to the debate, and to cry "foul" for any tough questions during?

  2. You're missing the point: Tom Brokaw gives better head, viz-a-viz, his recent servicing of McMav's bullet headed buddy this past weekend.

  3. When in doubt of losing your shirt, blame the moderator.

  4. Damn! I was guessing the coffee mug!

  5. I just finished watching the debate, and I caught everyone in the room (5 of us) at least once saying or muttering "Can't we just have Gwen be the veep?"

    -Doug in Oakland

  6. Gwen Ifil's pinky for President!


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