Friday, October 10

I have some explaining to do...


Okay, okay. A couple of weeks ago this enormous envelope arrives in the mail from my friend L.U. Inside it the biggest ass Hello Kitty Birthday Card possible. L.U., a woman after my own heart in so many ways, suggested I use it as a luggage tag when travelling by air, in keeping with the Hello Kitty Airline Travel Death Watch. I think that would be breaking le rules, so I stuck it above my knitting swatch board. She can watch over my knitting samples.

I have a visiting nurse arriving at 11 this morning to arrange for some housework help, especially with laundry since stairs are completely out for me for the next couple weeks. So's driving, and the nurse is available to help with that, too, thank goodness. I hope to be back helping out Crooks and Liars later this weekend. I really miss that.

Thanks for all the kind words and messages of support. The blogosphere is family. I love you guys. Thanks.

Fran / BG


  1. here i thought you had converted :) good to see you are feeling better :) glad that you got some help. helen reddy comes to mind 'cause ya gotta have friends....'

  2. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Glad to hear that you are getting some help. Can't be easy. Just know that a lot of folks are thinking about you and sending good wishes your way.

  3. I am so glad that you are getting some help..and a home nurse - wonderful....( tell ya if you lived in Ohio,....would be there in flash,..)

    now you listen to the nurse....she will take good care of you...

    ahem...about the THING....( maybe it is the meds right ??yeah...that must be it...)

    take care of you....


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