Saturday, October 25

Saturday Song

The Boswell Sisters, Heebie Jeebie Blues (1932)

For my two sisters, who as many of you know have faced serious health problems in their families recently (my broken ankle is nuthin', I tell you).

There are many references in our culture to "three little words" but hearing the ones "it's not cancer" brought such relief to our family's beyond words. My brother in law is still in serious condition and hospitalized but...but....

Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind thoughts. I've said many times when something happened to "other people" that the blogosphere is a family. I feel that very much today. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Excellent news on the brother in law. Continued prayers for the rest of your family. They were such a part of my teen years. I wish them the best.

  2. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Oh, jeez, this is good news. So happy to hear some of that for a change. Thanks for the update.

    Guess there might be somethin' to that "light holdin' stuff" after all, you betcha.

  3. Whew...

    Some other big words. My mother-in-law recently had an emergency operation for a exceptionally virulent form of cancer. Then came the magic words, "We got it all."

  4. Let's hope things keep getting better. I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way.

  5. Wow, the Boswell Sisters! So cool! Thanks for featuring the vid... Terrific!

  6. Good news. Glad to hear it.


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