Monday, October 27

Caption This Photo

What I got: Joe Biden discovers he could buy 62.5 Armani Suits (at Nieman's, I did the math) with Sarah Palin's GOP clothes budget. And another ten suits with the makeup/hair budget.

And paraphrasing Clusterdouche: "I'd love another debate with Governor Palin, but I refuse to discuss issues of national importance with an eggplant tactfully disguised as someone we should trust with the security of the entire fucking planet."


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I'm going to need more than two microphones before I'm done this story, my firends. The Governor of Alaska...

  2. "As God is my witness, you can believe that I'll never shop in a goddamn Neiman Marcus again!!"

  3. Karaoke night. Good Lord, Biden's singing "Separate Ways." AGAIN.


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