Thursday, October 9

Quick Update

I never knew having a broken ankle could be so relaxing (not). But I am trying out "Crippled Mom's Yoga" (Shown: The 'get mommy a popsicle' pose.)

The ex Mister Blue Gal was actually a bit of help this afternoon, got me to the grocery store where I rode around in one of those little granny carts like a scene outta the old Monkees teevee show. And I only tried to run down my ex, oh, twice.

Happy Birthday to my step-daughter V. She's at Cambridge (England) doing amazing post-graduate work in Medieval Literature and we're all very proud of her.

Sandy posted the best political sign ever.


  1. i'm sorry to hear you have a broken ankle.....

  2. Heal quick, BG: There is much of what the Toltecs used to call "The kicking of Republican ass back to the 11th Century" still to be done and we need you out front with the big, iron boot.

    Or maybe it was the Olmecs.

    Either way, take good care of yourself and know that many a good thought is pouring down on you from the four or eight or 17 corners of the blogosphere.

  3. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Hope you get well soon and are being well served.

  4. get well soon!!!!!!! and make everyone be nice to you

  5. Dear BG,

    Take care and get well soon.

    I broke an ankle many years back and it healed quite well.

    And I take a reliable barometer with me everywhere as a result.

    Hope you're good as new in no time.

  6. What's that in the background, over your right shoulder? Some kind of Hello Kitty "child paraphernalia?"

  7. i definitely see Hello Kitty stuff....

  8. get better soon!!!!

    happy, healing vibes your way.

  9. Anonymous6:02 PM

    You look wonderfully blissful in your yoga pose!

  10. So sorry to hear about the ankle!

    Yoga (and meditation) should take you out of any misery or boredom you might be experiencing until you get used to the hobbling around. I broke some foot bones once and know a little bit about your torture.

    Nice to read that your ex- is pitching in!

    And I'm sure "Hello Kitty!" lightens the mood a little.

    Take it easy and get well soon. We need you back in fighting shape!



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