Wednesday, October 1

Art and Chaos Day at Blue Gal

Have you guys seen Drawger yet? I'm thinking The Photoshop Seven* should post their stuff there.

I especially like the work of Zina Saunders (this one is detail of a larger piece, used here by email permission from the artist). Of course, it's a painting, not a photoshop:

*I'm not going to name the Photoshop Seven here, they're just bloggers I can always count on to do great stuff, and stuff I can steal for the Open Thread. Why not guess who they are in comments? Maybe I've left one or two out.


  1. Wow, a Frist for me!
    Put that on my ass and it reads Mom when I do hand stands.

    Way cool art!

  2. Anonymous9:10 PM

    God, that's brilliant. Thanks, Blue Gal.

  3. That's so good on so many levels! I clicked over to DRAWGER and just got LOST! This picture reminds me of one that someone did some years back that showed Bushie vampire biting the statue of liberty.

  4. I went to her page and she is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the pointing out the link.

  5. Amazing, Blue Gal. I agree with those who view Palin as major danger. I know some people feel the danger comes from her cluelessnes and incurious nature. But her drooling over the 'powers of the VP's office', and staunch anti-earth policies and anti-spirituality (praying for the 'death of the goddess' and persecution of 'witches' and other such eyebrow raising antics of her cult-like church), leads many to fear the dreadful consequences of this character clawing her way into the Whitehouse.

  6. So far as artistic takes on Ms. Palin go...I'm kinda fond of this one.


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