Sunday, October 19

Someone left my Liberal Socialist Feminist Agenda Cake
out in the rain....

C&L shows McCain defending Palin as a counter to the "liberal feminist agenda." Don't talk like that on a Sunday morning, Senator M, I almost wet my bed laughing.

And Chris Wallace was put on this earth as a discipline for my "love everyone" philosophy. I'm failing here, but I keep taking deep breaths. You're a child of God, Chris, but FOX is Satan and you are in that grasp. I'll pray for you like I pray for people who design drab green netting headdresses with ugly clothes underneath:

May God forgive you and protect us from the harm of your actions.

AND THEN he brings up Socialism? Dropping that word as the latest FOX boogeyman? Aw fuck.

I want to talk about corporate medicine, pharmaceuticals, and insurance companies the way conservatives have been talking about UNIONS for years. The conglomerate "health" industries have priced themselves out of the market for taking care of America's health needs. Who is benefiting from the current system? Socialists?

Europeans have health care. But, last ditch effort, if we label what they get as socialism that means we can't have any.



  1. My bet is that they hate socialism until they have a stroke from all of the stress and long hours they do for their money. Three months and half a million dollars later when they might be able to walk a little but still are looking at more than a year before they can even think about working again, state disability probably seems pretty sweet to them. It's not as much as a real paycheck from a real job, but it keeps you from being evicted while you're busy learning how to live again from scratch.
    I guess what I'm saying is that a lot of the folks who say shit like this don't believe it could happen to them. But it will. It's an eye opener to be sure.

    -Doug in Oakland

  2. hey, i used the word,"fucker" in a post today as well!

    great minds ya know. ; )

  3. Socialism has been their biggest bogeyman since before communism. Only bin Laden is bigger now. Notice how Dubya tripped all over his tongue trying like hell to avoid saying he was nationalizing banks? Every time they go down the shitter with their free market fuckery, they turn to socialism in some form to pull themselves out. They just hate themselves for having to say the word.

  4. Anonymous7:54 PM

    What we are seeing is the Rt Wingers going through the refrigerator and throwing anything they can find, no matter how old or rotten and throwing it against the wall to see if any of it will stick to the voters.

    It's kinda sad and pathetic but I am one of the growing legions of socialist, pinko, gay, liberal, independent, San Francisco types that will be watching FOX on election night.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.


  5. NeoConservatives describing socialism - There's a blind elephant feeling a group of wise men eh?


  6. Anonymous10:20 PM


    It's one of the many reasons we love ye, Blue Gal. One of many indeed.

  7. Socialism is only for the rich:

    If you have a failed bank, everyone's taxes help bail you out;

    If you personally make millions of dollars but describe yourself as a business, you get all the breaks businesses do whether or not you employ people or make anything at all;

    If you declare bankruptcy (as a corporation, of course) then you keep everything you need to 'maintain your quality of life', including all your cars, houses, $80,000/month residuals...

    Socialism is alive and well in America, you're just too poor to get any.

  8. Socialism is a great idea, embraced by The Entire Thinking World, and vilified few places other than here. How we let the Supercapitalistas poison that well is beyond me.

    The things which affect us all, like health care and hospitals and highways and energy and a working banking system need to belong to We The People. Cut out the skimming and scamming and blood-sucking profiteering and we could all be doing much better than we are, Thank-You.


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