Monday, October 20

Did anyone else see this....

...and think, "Hey, at least Detroit is ahead of that whole 'I lost my house, so I'm living in my car' trend" ?

I mean, really. The New York Times says this minivan is a horror to drive, and obviously that's not the point. This car is designed as a living/dining/entertainment room, not a vehicle.

Salon tonight, but no video blogs until I get this stupid cast off. Something's gotta give. xo


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Thank-You! I told my husband 5 years ago that the only thing all the monster SUVs cluttering the road were going to be good for in the future was housing for the poor. Oh, and rolling death machines for the (formerly) middle-class spawn.

  2. Gee, maybe I should go get one now!



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