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  1. someone please correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't an overhead projector a fairly simple piece of equipment to project images onto a backdrop of some sort? even if it's a rather large projector, i fail to see how it would be the kind of outrageous expenditure mccain tried to turn it into.

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    actually a planetarium projector is a very sophisticated instrument capable of projecting images of celestial bodies in precise locations on the domed ceiling. This has great educational value; no telling how many generations of kids and adults stand to gain a better understanding of our universe this way. So it costs big bucks, but it's a social good.


  3. mccain's description is a misnomer, to begin with, and betrays his ignorance. if he is indeed describing a planetarium celestial projector, what would you estimate as a ball park cost? two million? Three? whatever it would take, one can hardly consider such an admirable venture as a pork barrel expense, and mccain's position is ridiculous.

  4. It was $3M. Here's a link:

  5. thanks. i was talking recently to the head of the library here in this small town and he was bemoaning the inadequacy of the building, running out of space, etc, and i asked what he thought it would cost to build and equip a new facility. he knew already -- upwards of ten million.

    mccain is a complete idiot.

  6. thanks, moioci. hope you'll forgive my own ignorance -- i hadn't known until you gave me the link that the proposed expenditure was for the adler itself.

    driftglass has an interesting post on the matter, too.


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