Tuesday, October 14

Instead of blogging today...

I put my sore leg up (the generic tylenol, it is my friend) I watched Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (1967).

The golden moment runs from the 5:00 mark. Have I mentioned how ashamed I am, me, a good liberal, to admit that I see African Americans, and particularly black men, in a different, more positive light since Obama got the nomination?

We've all got growing in grace to accomplish, don't we...

For Sidney Poitier movies, I actually like A Patch of Blue better, because it makes me cry. I love to cry.


  1. I love that movie. Katharine Hepburn Rules!

    "To Sir, With Love" is my favorite Poitier film, because it has miniskirts and go go boot in it!

  2. That film is so dated now, in all the BEST ways.

  3. I so love this movie...and I am sorry...but Obama does indeed have Sidney qualities...the cool...take your breath away cool...the dignity........

    I love that movie..

    Johnny McCaint maybe needs to see it..

    just checking on you Hop-a-Long...

  4. Count me in the To Sir with Love camp.

  5. I love to cry.

    Crap, that means you're voting for McCain, doesn't it?!?

  6. In the Heat of the Night gets my vote!

    The interplay between Steiger and Poitier is some of the best acting I've ever seen.

    Hope you're getting better, BG!


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