Friday, June 19

Caption This Photo(shop)

"No amniocentesis could ever prepare me for THIS..."

Leave yours in comments, thanks!


  1. "I was mouth raped and this is what issued. God's will."



  2. Anonymous11:07 PM

    As the STomach Churns

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The only way for this to happen is for the Impalin' to drop her religious pose and advocate cloning.

    Then she'd straighten him out!

    Nice work, BG.

    You rock as always.


  5. "I like you. Maybe some day you can knock up my daughter."

  6. dennis7:19 AM

    With the comments allowed to stand here, one can only imagine what was contained in the lone comment that was deleted.

    And Bluegal, the caption here is infinitely less offensive than the one you have posted on the other blog, and I don't come anywhere close to sharing Ms. Palin's views on those matters. The comments in both places are surprisingly similar, though.

    Not sure if the credit for that should go to you or Sarah Palin, but it is interesting.

  7. Dennis, Tengrain is known for going over the top. As his guardian angel I indulge him as much as any hillbilly mom indulges the myspace rum based orgy photography of her wayward teens.

  8. dennis10:50 AM

    Well, Bluegal, I rarely use LOL on these internets, but I just did on that one.

    And where do I find this rum-based orgy photography, anyway?

  9. The tamer ones are here I have safe search set up on my Google, though. I hear there are worse out there...

  10. "How did this enormous monster capture me, and how do I get away before I'm forced to impregnate somebody?"

  11. Somebody made a stinky in their pants!
    I need to find one of my spawn & let THEM deal with it.
    Oh & god bless amerikkka! Wink Blink

  12. Folksy Fascist: the new compassionate conservative


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