Wednesday, June 17

Wish I could help you, MoveOn....

Got my bi-daily urgent action email from yesterday, but this one made me laugh and laugh...

Dear MoveOn member,

For years, Christian County Generation has been trying to build a dirty, coal-fired power plant in Taylorville, not far from you. If built, the Taylorville Power Plant would spew out smog and soot pollution, and you'd be in the high-risk zone for health effects.1

Until now, local activists with groups like the Sierra Club have been able to stop this and other plants. Relying on the Clean Air Act and other protections, activists have heroically battled Christian County to keep this giant new polluter out of Taylorville.

But now, coal industry lobbyists have forced a terrible provision into the new energy bill—it would repeal crucial sections of the Clean Air Act and remove some key remaining roadblocks to Christian County's plant.3

Congress is voting next week. Can you call Rep. Shimkus right away?

You can say something like this: "I don't want a new dirty coal plant in Taylorville. Please oppose the repeal of the Clean Air Act provisions in the energy bill."

Representative John Shimkus
Phone: 202-225-5271

Well, I could call my "respresentative," MoveOn, but you and I both know that's a joke. He might maybe represent me if I needed a last minute passport, I suppose, but help me and my kids breathe clean air?

[from opensecrets]

And money Blue Gal has contributed to his re-election? Zero.

Bwa ha ha ha.

I heard him on C-Span Tuesday morning. Direct quote, because I ran to type it down as soon as I heard it:

"...the fossil fuel infrastructure, that has made America great..."

And you all remember this gem:

I can't call him, can't argue with him, won't do it. I'll donate to his opponent, knock on doors, but no way I'm going to deal with an insane political whore to the coal industry. Forget it.


  1. I'm pretty sure I can't help you by talking to Spencer Bachus, either.

  2. So what are you saying?

    Shimkus can kiss your ass???

    Coal industry puppet, strings attached to his balls???

    Kudos for the graphic......

    Hey how about a new nickname?

    Sludge Shimkus ?

  3. Instead of a Cap and Trade policy, I think we should have a Cake and Eat It Too policy. ;O)


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