Sunday, June 7

Pittsburgh Penguin Fever

Not hockey, though don't tell my two sisters, for whom we scheduled dinner early so they could get to a tv screen in time for the puck drop.

And I'm genuinely sorry the Pens were shut out last night in Detroit, though it's hard to know which rust belt city needs a lift more at this point.

The photo above was taken with my phone this morning at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. What a little gem. If you're going to Netroots Nation in August definitely make time for this, and while you're on the North Side stop in Max's Allegheny Tavern for a dark microbrew and a...take this in slowly...


Food nirvana. OH. MY. GOD.

I love both my sisters, but I have to laugh that never once in my life have I ever attempted to convert them to my religious way of thinking, yet both of them saw fit this trip to wax evangelical on the subject of vegetarianism. Youngest sister had LITERATURE for me. M and H, if you're reading this, just know I took it with good humor and I'll think about it. Then I'll think summore about that Reuben.


  1. StonyPillow7:51 PM

    A Reuben on rye with onion rings on the side and a cold beer rivals the ontological proof. There must be a loving God -- this is too good to just be an accident.

    Potato pancake Reuben sounds just as good.

  2. Oh my!

    Please excuse the elbows.

  3. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I don't remember the person but I saw an interview where they described being a vegetarian until 6pm.

    I tried this for about 2 weeks and have lost 6 lbs.


  4. I try not to evangelize -- and actually it's pretty easy since most of the carnivores I know go on and on about how they "hardly eat any meat at all anymore." Relax, people -- I'll just judge you silently.

  5. yeah! the aviary, the zoo, the museum and the strip!!!

    and the pens!

  6. have the kids been on the incline yet??

  7. This is food porn, wonderful, delicious food porn. Now I will need to find a reason to travel to Pittsburgh. Immediately.


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