Sunday, June 21

A great idea. Million Can March

I'm already in the process of cleaning out my pantry and getting some food over to the local food bank.

In case you haven't heard the Million Can March is a counter protest to the teabagging protest redux that is supposed to happen on Fourth of July. Good luck wi dat.

The idea is to do something positive in response to the Teabagger business. As the wonderful instigator of this project, Rev. Phat of Les Enrages, points out:

This all started with a vague notion that we should do something more than just have a good laugh at the next round of tea parties scheduled for July 4th. I thought that if teabaggers are so afraid of socialism, maybe we could show 'em socialism on a national scale. And what is more socialistic than sharing our food with others.

And then we can give 'em a sign upgrade!

PS. For those of you who don't want moving images in your posts/sidebar, Tengrain has done a bunch of lovely, embeddable sizes for his version of the Million Can March logo:

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  1. Anyone have some good ideas how this can be promoted more widely? Besides our blogs? Facebook? MySpace? Twittering? It's a great idea and we need to get the word out!


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