Sunday, June 28

The religious favoritism thing is not just here. OY!

I heard from my friend Shunra earlier this week about this mindblowing miscarriage of justice in Israel, but unfortunately all the news stories about it were in Hebrew.

Finally a friend of hers, Ricky B, has blogged about it in English. This is not "a shoplifting rabbi walked out of a store" joke. It really happened:

This religious dude tried to leave [an Israeli] supermarket without paying. Cashier tried to stand in his way even as he got in his car. So he ran her over.

It was ALL captured on security cam.

Open and shut case, right? No. The judge, one Moshe Drori, decided to simply refuse to convict the defendant, because it would “put a blemish on his career”.

Defendant is studying to be a religious lawyer – what they call a rabbinical pleader. Which means an officer of the court, since if you want to be recognized as married in Israel, and can't get married abroad, you gotta go through a religious court. Again: The defendant slo-mo ran over a woman trying to do her job. But she was Ethiopian, and he's religious and maybe connected, so it's ok and nothing he did should impede him from a position of authority.

Kinda puts the whole Sanford read the Bible thing in an equally ridiculous perspective. But hey, at least Sanford didn't try to evade arrest for shoplifting by attempted vehicular assult.

Don't say it can only happen here.


  1. something stupid happened in israel? you dont say...

  2. The Israelis moving into the West Bank are like American Minutemen/ Christian Right fanatics. Most Israelis don't want to live in the West Bank for obvious reasons. The wingnut Israelis are looking for a fight because God told them to.

  3. A key issue is that this judge was a candidate for Israel's supreme court - before this story broke, that is.

  4. One of the dirty little secrets of the jewish community is that non-deranged secular jews are afraid to call out wacked-out crazy-ass theocratic jews for their sick fuck behavior, either in the US or in Israel.

  5. I must say I am shocked, shocked, I say. A religious Jew getting preferential treatment from other Jews? Oh my.

    Reason #527 why this secular Jew has no patience for the holy rollers and black hats.

    Reason #528 why this secular Jew thinks it's high time for American Jews to wish their Israeli cousins good luck, we love you, but you need to do something about your wack-a-doos before the rest of the world considers you a kosher version of Saudi Arabia.


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