Tuesday, June 2

A day without computer and the meaning of life.

I had several things go wrong with my house in three days, not the least of which was just the housework piling up to where even I could no longer ignore it. After a major meltdown by me caused in part by broken air conditioning, it was brought to my attention that perhaps I should leave the computer off for the daylight hours Tuesday and just attend to other things, like waiting for the air conditioner repair man. "Doug" actually came on time and got things fixed quickly.

I turned on the computer for the first time today at 8:10 pm.

93 new emails only 22 of which needed any attention whatsoever.

The absolute beauty and curse of Twitter is, it's always now. There's no catching up to do, even if you wanted to.

And look, the blog got posted to by the end of the day. So it can be done.

The other day I filled the gas tank, and the final price showed me Douglas Adams is always with us to share the giggle and find the meaning of life in everyday things.

Light posting for the next week. I'm taking the kids to see my parents for the first time in three years. Good times.


  1. i find myself blogging less frequently these days, and feeling no worse for it.

  2. I'm doing a bit less too, skippy. And I may have to give up the computer for a week to have the repair guy look at it. I am both looking forward and dreading that.


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