Friday, June 12

Cussed out again for the sake of a blog post!

This is a cell phone pic I took in Springfield, Illinois this morning. There's this Texas artist, David Adickes, who has made giant busts of all the Presidents, and this is the last one. Giant Obama Head is making a road trip through the heartland before joining the other 43 giant President's heads in President's Park in Lead, South Dakota.

I stopped the car and snapped this photo, and a white woman in a white SUV behind drove around me and pulled into a bank driveway just to shout some sentence with "you" and the F word at me.

The photo is bloggable, my van's rear bumper was worth the risk, and she can stay classy someplace else.

Update: Dear Wonkette, you have more than one spy in the heartland? Who knew?


  1. I've never fully understood how liberals/progressives can accept the results of an election whether we like them or not, but conservatives always have to act like spoiled children who have been offered dinner without desert. The only theory I have on the difference is that maybe most of them are authoritarians who believe that they always know what is good for everyone, and if someone doesn't like it, they should be either marginalized or eliminated.
    What this woman did and said to you I never did to anyone who supported GWB during the past 8 years. This shows she has no respect for herself when she chooses to disrespect someone else, and I'll also venture to say that I bet she considers herself to be a staunch Christian.

  2. maji, I suspect that these people like the one who cussed at Blue Gal, are the very same who beat their spouses and children. Who murder doctors, and shoot wolf pups from a helicopter. Between these cretins and the ultra wealthy, we have got ourselves quite a bracket around us, don't we?

  3. white woman in a white SUV

    can she get any whiter? lol.

  4. I wish that I had a big giant head.


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