Wednesday, June 24

Sanford's real problem - The "Bubble"

He started off the presser talking about selfishness and sin, but the Governor of South Carolina needs some help further examining his worldview. His formulation that he is "inside a bubble" when he is fulfilling his obligations as a Governor, (nevermind husband and father, that's a personal matter but is germane to any divorce action his wife might take) and it is from that "bubble" that he is entitled to an escape....

Clearly, the bubble that Sanford escaped TO is the one that got him in trouble. An average cheating spouse can use a cell phone and email account to cover his/her affair, anywhere in the world. Sanford did more than travel and cheat. He consciously disappeared. That is a form of hate toward anyone who cared about him or depended upon him, at work or at home.

There is something psychotically narcissistic about a need to disappear from the world in which you have real-life obligations. He should resign for "[mental] health reasons," which is perfectly accurate.


  1. You got that right BGirl!

  2. BGal. There's another blogger who's blue girl. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous8:32 PM

    The trouble is that Sanford admitted to having sex with a woman other than his wife.

    Had Sanford hung tough like the Great Bill Clinton, who denied having sex with Gennifer Flowers, Paula Corbin Jones, Monica Lewinski, Juanita Broaderick, among others, he might have become a Moral Role Model, lid Bill Clinton did.

  4. Dear Anonymous Coward:

    Ultimately, Clinton had to fess up about Monica. But he never told folks people should vote for him because of his Christian values. Sanford did. And Sanford said in 99 that Clinton should resign for what he did. Where's the double standard? In Mark Sanford's pants.

  5. The problem with the Bill Clinton comparison is that voters knew he had a fondness for the ladies before they even cast a ballot. Furthermore, he wasn't a member of a so-called "family values" party whose elected officials have recently proven to be supremely hypocritical in that department.

    The point is not the extra-marital sex, since that's a societal and particularly a Congressional issue as old as the Republic.

  6. He does seem like he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, no? Don't know if he will step down, but he knows his political career is over, hence the tears.

  7. Anonymous7:58 AM

    You misunderstand me. I want rid of both Clinton and Sanford, especially with their phoney professions of the Christain Faith. The only difference was the magnitude of Womanizing.

    If I am dissapointed with anyone, it is with Al Gore, who sacrificed his only legitimate shot at the Presidency by being the Ultimate Clinton Stooge. Had Gore had the moral fibre of Harry Truman, a take charge guy, he would have been President, and he would have won the 2000 Election.

  8. I wouldn't describe Sanford's disappearance as a form of hate.

    It was complete disregard, which I think is worse. The man had responsibilities to his family and to the State of South Carolina that he cast aside in favor of his extramarital relationship.

    He disappeared and left his state without leadership. He could have, with little effort or personal risk, taken steps to provide for those he left behind. He could have told the lieutanant governor that he was leaving the country for a weeklong vacation and delegated executive authority to him for a specified period of time. It is what the state constitution calls for, and would have been completely unremarkable.

    But Sanford was not interested enough in the welfare of the citizens of South Carolina, including his wife and children, to put forth even that much effort.

    Beyond my disgust over yet another Family Values Republican getting caught sleeping around, I am not interested in Sanford's affair.

    The governor's failure to live up to his public responsibilities is the real offense, and the one that calls into question his continued fitness to serve.

  9. Anonymous9:05 AM

    . . . and Clinton put the Nation's defence on autopilot, thus enabling 911.

    You keep making my point. Let's end this business of Double, and even Triple Standards for republicans and Democrats.

    A sleaze is a sleaze is a sleaze. Sanford is a singular sleaze, as was Edwards. Clinton was a compounded sleaze. Gore was a yesman.

    Have the decency to sacrifice your bad boys, as the Republicans have done. There will be a lot more civility if you do.

  10. Anonymous I wrote you such a long response it's turning into a post. Stand by.

  11. Are we really going to get into which party possesses more adulterers? Because Craig and Vitter and Gingrich come to mind and I don't think any of them were "sacrificed" by the GOP.

    My problem with Clinton is that he lied under oath. Period. The problem with Sanford is that he bailed on his responsibilities as a governor. This guy felt he was presidential material?

  12. You are so dead on, BG, it's not overly effusive at all.

    This is what the vast majority of all politicians seem to be today.

    Not a public servant among this bunch.

    Thank whomever for Dennis!


    psychotically narcissistic

  13. To Anonymous he would have been President, and he would have won the 2000 Election.

    Gore did win the 2000 election.


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