Sunday, January 3

A Day at the Race [War]

A birth certificate from Africa? I love you. There, I said it!


'Don't be crazy, Captain! You neocons can't be seen benefitting from birther-mania! Get her out of here until this whole thing blows over!


Neo-comics? Something is terribly wrong here!



  1. I think most of the Beltway crowd are Margaret Dumont in witlessness and moral scolding, but many are much nastier to boot.

  2. "One morning I shot an Islamofascist in my pajamas . . . "

  3. your shopping skills are like butter on a hot breakfast roll dear. here's me wishing a great 10 for you an' yours. I ask you, how can a year named 10 not be great? 10 is the Gregory Peck of years, the Breyer's ice cream, the wag of the dog's tail. 10 is in the eyes of a lover true, a song sung sweetly blue, heard from a porch swing, in the background of stimulating conversation. plus we're naked and the porch swing slats are making marks on our skin, butt it feels right and we laugh because it's such a great year. and the buried treasure is revealed to be ...

  4. Neo-Comics!

    BG, you ARE THE BEST!

    Laughing late night (which is very unusual),


    P.S. Maybe '10 will be our lucky number?

  5. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I have so much respect for the Marx Bros to appreciate the satire.



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