Friday, January 22

Driftglass and Blue Gal (PODCAST #2)

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Thanks to my five year old for bringing us on, and thank YOU for listening!


  1. #2 in the bag, nicely done once the gain on Driftglass' mic was pulled down a bit.

    Something which I would put forth in fomenting filthy liberal ideology to the sheeple mass is the 'showbiz' aspect of the message - One of the reasons that Beck and Limbaugh et al don't get a lot of tune-out from their core audience is that they keep them on the edge of their seat wondering what 'outrageous' tidbit will be blurted out next that can be regurgitated at the watercooler klatch in due course.

    The promise of an eventual shock cookie for the listener is a handy tool to keep them interested - Alan Grayson manipulates the soundbite game nicely and Cenk / Young Turks dabble in this a bit, but not enough to build an outrage wave large enough to really surf the propaganda on, IMO.


  2. Nicely done. The nervous laughter factor was modulated successfully. Now you must be mindful to not lose it altogether because it is an indicator that you are human.

    I will only take exception to your characterization of LBJ's broadside. The implied beginning of which was: "I don't like this any more than you do and I can't believe I'm the guy pushing this legislation..."

    Keep it up. We have the easy part. We just listen and learn.

  3. I know this isn't a knitting blog, but I thought this might interest you.

    I just want to pass this on before I forget.

  4. Another good show but it does sound at times as if you're coming from the back of the room. Seems like most of the online audio I listen to has a more "on mic" presence.

  5. "why right wing hate radio succeeds while Air America went bankrupt" Can you say ad revenue blacklist? Does anyone besides me remember the memo circulated among major advertising companies ordering absolutely no ad buys on Air America? In how many ever years of listening to AA, I never heard one ad from a major Corporation. Makes bankruptcy pretty much a foregone conclusion.

  6. Oh, yeah and another thing . . . it's really tough to reach your audience when the whorporate owners of the air waves assign you to channels with less wattage than the free calculator you get for opening a bank account. And then for one last spit in the eye, the power's turned even lower overnight. I don't care what Ed Schultz says, when our Plutocrat overlords decide your message won't get out, it doesn't get out.

  7. Great stuff, thanks.


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