Tuesday, January 5

My 2500th Post.

Well you young whippersnappers, back when I started blogging, 2500 posts ago, there was no twitter, no tinychat, no i-phones, no Flip Cams.

What there was, remains: the ability to post my writing and some interesting photos (I'm much better at the photoshopping now) and the daily push to write something.

And what has been added are some amazing friends, colleagues, and readers. And you all mean so much to me. Thank you.

I remember when I was a teenager and I told my dad I wanted to be a writer. "Just remember my dear, you are easily amused."

And I remember thinking, not back-talking my Dad, but still: "Yes. I think that's the one essential thing."

Life while writing this blog hasn't always been easy, but it has been rewarding. I love this Q&A between a young writer and Garrison Keillor. What do you do as a humor writer when life gets really hard? I leave you with his answer.

And here's to the next 2,500 posts. Love, Fran/BG


  1. Congratulations on this milestone!

    I'm so glad to know you both here and in person. Meeting you has been one of the many delights of blogging.

    Now, as for what G.K. says, it's true. It's so very very true.

    Looking forward to 2500 more!


  2. All congratulations to you. I bow to you superiority.

  3. Many happy returns of the milestone. That is one hella impressive accomplishment!

  4. Zounds!

    You make it look so easy, BG!

    Congratulations and best wishes on the next 2,500.



  5. That "milestone" isn't just great for you, but for those of us who are educated and inspired by you.

    Congrats, and 2,500 "thank yous."

  6. Congratulations!

    I love reading here, and look forward to the next 2500, and then 2500 more! :)

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  8. Congratulations! That's a panties-load of posts.

    You rule, and you can say I said so!


  9. Congratulations! That's very impressive.

    On the Keillor video, it makes me think of something the great Billy Wilder said - when he was in good mood, he'd write a dark drama, and when he was sad, he'd write a comedy.

  10. Thank you. I had to go and compare it to how many I've done to see what a large number of posts that truly is, though from a more recent post of yours, I'm scared I break comment rules all the time and am doing so, especially now.

    You rock, you sexy knitress!


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